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Desperate for Security Check

Pushkar Sane Wednesday, 20th May, 2009 Tags: , , Life, People 2 comments

I spent the weekend at home in Baroda and my nephew Neel kept me on my toes all through the weekend. He is just under 3 years and full of intelligent questions that are very difficult to answer. On Saturday night we went out for dinner to the Taj in Baroda. Almost all leading hotels in India are under tight security checks and we were greeted by two security with metal detectors right at the entrance. As they checked all of us the metalic objects in our pockets (keys, pens, belts etc) made beeps. We all cleared the security checks and started walking but found Neel was refusing to move. He waved at the security guards and demanded a security check. They were totally shocked and I regreted not having a camera in my pocket to capture their expressions. They smiled at him and said it is not required for you but Neel refused to accept this discrimination. He made them check him with the metal detector till it finally beeped (thanx to the rivet on his jeans) and he walked inside with a big smile on his face.

I guess he was the first desparate security check seeker at the Taj Baroda.

A few good men

Pushkar Sane Sunday, 30th November, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , Life, People No comments

Mumbai seige finally ended and most hostages were release. Some unfortunate ones died after undergoing torture from the terrorists. Our commandos & security forces faught bravely and booted the terrorists out. This terror attack was a proxy war that we’re suffering from – and just like in any other war there was collateral damage – the Taj was burnt, Oberoi is damaged and so was Nariman House. All these buildings & surroundings will be rebuilt & I’m sure their glory will return. But what about the people who died during the attacks – what about the security personnel who either died or suffered injuries during the battle – can we bring them back? can we heal their injuries? Can we make it up to their parents & bring back the glory? The answer is NO –

I got really angry when people kept focusing on collateral damage and not on HUMAN being who died saving us. I love the Taj – I love south bombay – but they’re very small compared to the human loss.

Here is my Salute to all the brave people who died in the attacks & heartfelt condolensces to families for their irreplacable losses.