Memories in Flames

We were following the Mumbai Attack situation through out the day and were worried about our friends & families in Mumbai. Some we could get through and some we couldn’t but finally got to know about their well being through emails, sms, social media updates etc.

As we returned home & switched on Television only to see our memories of south bombay into flames. The Taj was burning, the Oberois was under fire and several people fell victims to firing at CST. We know people who frequent there – we know people who live there – simply speaking things almost came home. And that was shocking. We’ve lived through past terror attacks but this time the intensity of it shocked us and the ANGERED US. I think enough is enough. We are angry that our decorated officers are getting killed. We are ANGRY with spineless Politicians. And finally we’re Angry with arrogant & stupid Journalists who go really are wild animals who go whatever extent to get the sensational news out.

We spent several years living & working in south bombay and actually wandered around the very places that were burning. We had spent number of years wandering in & around these places. We used to eat at the Leopold cafe on a regular basis. And we felt that all those memories were in flames & the smoke was making us cry as our heart went out to all those who died in these attacks. Here’s hoping that all those who are trapped inside are rescued safely and I’m confident that our brave security forces will get the situation under control & save innocent lives.