A few good men

Mumbai seige finally ended and most hostages were release. Some unfortunate ones died after undergoing torture from the terrorists. Our commandos & security forces faught bravely and booted the terrorists out. This terror attack was a proxy war that we’re suffering from – and just like in any other war there was collateral damage – the Taj was burnt, Oberoi is damaged and so was Nariman House. All these buildings & surroundings will be rebuilt & I’m sure their glory will return. But what about the people who died during the attacks – what about the security personnel who either died or suffered injuries during the battle – can we bring them back? can we heal their injuries? Can we make it up to their parents & bring back the glory? The answer is NO –

I got really angry when people kept focusing on collateral damage and not on HUMAN being who died saving us. I love the Taj – I love south bombay – but they’re very small compared to the human loss.

Here is my Salute to all the brave people who died in the attacks & heartfelt condolensces to families for their irreplacable losses.