Singapore vs Hong Kong

Singapore vs Hong Kong rivalry is well known and I have seen emotions flying high every time this topic comes up. I can understand native Singaporeans or Hong Kongers getting emotional but even expats get carried away in that debate. I have lived in Hong Kong for over 8 years and have been traveling to Singapore on a very regular basis (including some extended stay during 2007).

I refused to get dragged into the debate but found these two videos – first one was created by some Singaporeans ridiculing Hong Kong and second one is the response from Hong Kongers.



I thought the first video was in a very poor taste as it was not an objective comparison. The script writer probably has never visited Hong Kong or doesn’t know anything about Hong Kong’s history, heritage, language, food, culture and most importantly the people who live here. Makes me wonder why people get into such petty things and I guess personal insecurities could be one of the reasons.

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