RIP Ashok Kaka

I just got to know that Ashok Kaka (Ashok Wadekar) passed away yesterday and for a moment I just didn’t know how to react. He was in CCU and sleeping when I saw him a couple of months back. He was looking frail and I was desperately hoping that he safely comes out of CCU by fighting all odds. I guess he and god had some other ideas.

I did share a lot of good and interesting memories with him – specifically when it came to science, technology, and travel anecdotes. He was full of intelligence, enthusiasm, curiosity and above all willingness to try new things. He loved to talk and talk and talk. And also walk and walk and walk. I still remember when they visited us in Hong Kong in Jan 2007 and the fight that Sanjeevani Kaku had with him because he made her walk on Nathan road at least 3-4 times observing different shops and people. Thats the last time I actually spent time with him and we went all over Hong Kong – from the Peak to Big Budda and from Tsim Sha Tsui to Causeway Bay. We experienced the worst possible FOG in Hong Kong while visiting Big Buddha and a very windy evening when we were at the Peak. We had all sorts of food as long as it was vegetarian and he was very sporty in trying to lift peanuts with chopsticks at a sichuan restaurant. In just four days he was fully knowledgable about Hong Kong’s underground system, road signs, tolls, tunnels and most importantly could pronounce a few chinese words.

All I can say is REST IN PEACE ASHOK KAKA – and this is how we’ll remember you.