Photography: Technology & Technique

I’m getting a bit better at landscape photography. I have been posting some of my photos on Facebook and almost 1 out of 3 people commenting on the photographs ask me ‘Which Camera’. Makes me wonder whether people really understand the difference between Technique & Technology. Yes Technology is very important and it helps the photographers but in my opinion Technique is more important than the Technology. I have seen many people taking ordinary pictures with great cameras and good photographers taking great pictures with an ordinary camera.

Photography is all about identifying the subject, understanding shade & light, understanding environment and finally having patience to experiment. It is also about years of struggle in learning to shoot under different conditions. So technology is important but without Technique it can’t achieve its potential.

Here is a recent photograph of Hong Kong Harbour…

Hong Kong Harbour

  1. Well put here about the importance of technique & eye over technology. Two thoughts come to mind. Dropping prices of DSLRs (combined with increased advertising & incomes) have led to a democratization of DSLRs. As a result I see a lot of people carrying one these days & scarecly a week passes without someone asking me which DSLR they should buy when they don’t even know the difference between technologies available & their use. These days it looks like everyone is simply matching their camera choice with what they can afford & buying the biggest possible.

    What people should be doing is getting an understanding of their photography habits & the investment they are ready to make in it. Matching the budget for money & time will allow them to arrive at a better choice than simply buying a DSLR and then using it as a point and shoot.

    Recently a close friend sought advice from me about buying a DSLR & a Video Camera (he was expecting his first child so the excitement was justified). After a 30 minute discussion on his photography habits, we agreed that all he needed was a great point & shoot with decent video capabilities. That’s what he finally bought & is extremely happy with his purchase.

    Lastly, I think the question “which camera” might be justified from a few ‘prosumer’ viewers because the colour profile of different sensors varies & as such that might be the reason behind the question, but I guess you know that already.

  2. Great pic of Honkong Harbor….! superb understanding of the technology! Although I dont understand much, what I appreciate is the final product ­čÖé !! its just too good!
    One more profession for you to venture!!!!

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