Insight on F1

I landed in Singapore on Sunday night after a delayed flight. I was pretty tired and not in a talkative mood. Got into the taxi & in 30 seconds the Taxi driver commented: “you should have come earlier – we just finished the first F1 night race.” I responded with reluctance: “yeah I know but my trip was planned at the last minute and I didn’t get an earlier flight and also I didn’t have tickets.” He was quick to respond: “good decision actually. You just saved 1000 dollars. Actually its a waste of money. You pay so much money and all you get to see is car passing by in a split second with sound Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

I got pulled into the conversation. I said: “yeah but people do enjoy watching it. And thats why they pay so much money. Isn’t it?”…. He laughed and said: “Well.. well.. well… you don’t know much about people who go to see F1… People don’t go to see the race. They go to see the accidents – thats the only static part of the race. Also they go there to be ‘SEEN’ in the F1 crowd. Its fashionable.”

I couldn’t help but smile after that comment. It reminded me of all those friends who always insisted that they are die-hard F1 fans….;-)