Utterly Butterly Political

I was quite disappointed to see Shashi Tharoor claiming in a Tweet that congress governments initiated and nurtured Amul. He was responding to some Ajoy Chatterjee who was discussing the ‘Amul baby’ controversy and Narendra Modi. This is how the Twitter interaction took place:

Ajoy Chatterjee’s tweet:
@ShashiTharoor If Amul symbolizes white-revolution then it relates to #Gujarat .This ‘Amul Baby’ endorses Modi?Now that’s an insult.To #Modi

Shashi Tharoor’s response:
@AjoyChatterjee utterly butterly nonsense. Amul long predates BJP rule in Gujarat. Congress Govts initiated &nurtured Amul brand

I grew up in Gujarat and have seen Amul from a very close quarters during my association with the company from 1998 to 2000. Amul to me is not a political success story but a social one. The real credit goes to the farmers and dedicated professionals who work at GCMMF and various dairies. Credit is also due to millions of Indians who buy Amul on a daily basis and should be actually credited with nurturing the Amul brand.

Sardar Patel supported the milk revolution in Gujarat and it had nothing to do with any contribution from congress in its present avatar.

All I can say about Mr. Tharoor’s statement is utterly butterly political.