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Less Boring

Pushkar Sane Saturday, 28th August, 2010 Tags: , , , , , , , , Observations No comments

On Friday I visited a tier 3 town in Guangdong, China. We were doing an immersion exercise with a task to understand media and technology habits. We interacted with a cross-section (age-group) of people. It was very fascinating to see how each and everyone of them insisted that they were time-starved and had no time to watch TV. Here is an example where the TV is ON but no one is watching.

In order to find out their device/media dependency we asked them to choose only one device that they can’t live without. Interestingly almost all of them said Mobile Phone. One youngster answered that he is choosing Mobile because it iss ‘LESS BORING’ than other devices/media.

I guess the era of choosing a product/brand/device because it is ‘more interesting’ is over. For the younger generations novelty factor depreciates right after the launch announcement (not even an actual launch) and then it is all about choosing best of the ‘less boring’ options available in the market.

I can very easily predict that life for marketing & advertising professionals is certainly going to be difficult.

A Time Piece or Pieces that show Time?

Pushkar Sane Tuesday, 17th August, 2010 Tags: , , , , , , , , Technology No comments

When I was a kid owning a wrist watch was a big thing and usually one got it as a gift to celebrate some form of achievement – largely academic. Today I forgot my wrist watch at home and through out the day I didn’t miss it. In the evening I realized that our house doesn’t have a wall clock or any other form of time piece. And the reason for that is that all the pieces around in our house show time. Our mobile phones have become personal time pieces, our microwave provides time for kitchen (and even dining room thanks to open kitchen), our home phone system for drawing room and bedrooms are fitted with iPod speakers that can show time. All our devices, gadgets, household goods show time. So this generation is growing up with time plastered all around them. Makes me wonder whether it will reduce demand for wrist watches and wall clocks.