Responsiveness of Kronomy

A couple of months back I told Ravi about Kronomy and he penned it on his blog: “I think it’s terrific, but what if I don’t have pictures of the key events of my life?”

To my surprise someone from Kronomy actually went to Ravi’s blog and commented on his post explaining more about Kronomy and offering to help him in creating a timeline. I thought it was brilliant. How many times we just take a look at one line feedback and address it? Apart from liking Kronomy for its idea… I think I have started liking their attitude towards people trying to use Kronomy. I’m sure this approach will take them places.

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  1. Hello Pushkar, my name is Ruth, actually the same person who commented on Ravi’s blog. I would like to thank you for your kind comment about Kronomy and hope that you will continue to keep an eye on us in the future.


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