One more footprint: Slavery Footprint

I came across this great piece on Slavery Footprint in Wired Magazine. I visited Slavery Footprint website as well but couldn’t use their tool as they are moving the servers and don’t have iOS app ready as yet.

I do appreciate the initiative and feel that awareness about slavery is required. But I’m not sure whether such initiatives actually change anything apart from making people like me feel guilty. During my years of crazy travel I always felt guilty of Carbon Footprint. A few months back I attended a session by WWF Hong Kong and I felt guilty about excess usage of resources in Hong Kong. Every time I see an initiative like this I do take corrective actions in areas that are in my control. Such initiatives are finally funded some government agency or organization who in some mystic ways end up having links with the problem themselves.

I do want to go beyond just feeling guilty but don’t know which way to go.