Internet Top 25 & Indian absence

Earlier today I read Mary Meeker’s latest presentation on Internet Trends. It has lots of interesting data and analysis. One slide particular caught my attention as it highlighted top 25 Internet/tech companies.

I was happy to see several of Chinese companies climbing up that chart and challenging the US dominance in this area. On the other hand I was very disappointed to see absence of any Indian companies in that list. Its been more than 15 years since the commercial introduction of the Internet in India but we’re yet to produce a single company that can take a seat on top 25 table. It is rather unfortunate given the technical expertise and talent in India. Are we too busy fighting internally and happy about winning against our internal competition? Or are we satisfied with the fact that Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc have their development centers in India?

It surely got me thinking – specifically around what will it take for an Indian Internet company to earn a seat in global top 25. Wonder how many other people are thinking about it and is there a way to collaborate.