I have more than 680 Facends. But what the hell is a Facend? Simply put – its Facebook Friend.

Thanx to social networking sites like Facebook or Orkut or MySpace – meaning of the word Friend has changed forever. In good old days Friendship was all about knowing people, understanding them, be there for them when the chips were down, share a laugh/joke, and finally accept friends just the way they are. There was not false pretence between real friends. Actually Facebook started as a network for Friends but now it has become free for all. There are many acquaintances on Social Networks rather than friends. Sometimes people send invitations to connect & it almost becomes very difficult to turn them down. So its almost like trespassers on Facebook are made friends and hence I call them Facends.

As a result we can’t speak our minds openly and we all pretend (of course there are exceptions).

I’m genuinely thinking of a Network that is ONLY for FRIENDS rather than FACENDS.