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Mitt Romney Style

Pushkar Sane Wednesday, 17th October, 2012 Tags: , , , Observations No comments

I have no particular preference for either Obama or Romney. I’m keen student of marketing and hence studying their campaigns closely. This video particularly caught my attention:

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During the 2nd debate Mitt Romney made a reference to binders full of women and in no time a Facebook page emerged and within 24 hours it has over 330,000 likes. Here is the link:

Binders Full of Women

Additionally I also came across a website created by democrats explaining Mitt Romney’s tax plan. It certainly made me laugh. Here is the link:

Romney Tax Plan

I guess political campaigns provide motivation to creative minds and they’re certainly having a lot of fun creating these.


Big Data & Mahabharat

Pushkar Sane Friday, 3rd August, 2012 Tags: , , , , Observations No comments

Recently came across a very cool post on where Mahabharat story was used for demonstrating Big Data analysis. I enjoyed reading the post and was impressed with the efforts. Having said that the analysis looked flawed to me as it just took into consideration quantitative aspect of the big data without the context. As a result a lot of interpretations were completely off the chart. It just proves importance of context in data analysis.

Here is a link to the original blog post: