Observing Status Updates

I’m keen observer of Status Updates on Social Media & Instant Messaging Platforms. Its always interesting to see how many people look forward to weekends on Tuesdays, how many people are sleepy at work, how many people are doing holiday planning, how many people are on the road & killing time, how many people are attending events, how many people are fighting battles and finally putting out interesting thoughts & ideas etc. etc.

Given below are 50+ status updates of my facebook network over around 8-9 hours. Enjoy!!!

  1. is liking Grey’s so far..
  2. looking forward to the weekend (though it is just tues).
  3. promoting personal website
  4. looking forward to the end of the week…
  5. Working on a complicated Credit Points list to meet the stringent criteria for the IIT Madras Research Park.
  6. is thinking the words of “People are strange, when you are a stranger..’ is so true.
  7. Another week another trip.
  8. is in Cannes and is captivated!
  9. is on the move.
  10. feels the need…for sleep.
  11. convinced Suser to join Facebook.
  12. is wondering if we are looking at a dead cat…
  13. is all about victory! “. Today no spartan dies!”.
  14. is running for cover.
  15. wants to do smthing!
  16. is ready to fly.
  17. took a very long nap. Very nice.
  18. wonders how to write a better expression.
  19. Power cut. UPS draining out. Using the break to check out how the painting work in the new office is coming along.
  20. is off to the Yahoo! Right Media Open in CA.
  21. is Not Well @ Home!
  22. Dans Linux il y a un noyau, dans windows des pépins…
  23. wonders why brands in China invested 20 billion euro in Chinese TV advertising. In 6 months only!
  24. is fighting for a LOST cause..
  25. Expired: dial-up, Tired: broadband, Wired: intentionally off-line.
  26. is charged up.
  27. is struggling with status quo.
  28. 150th FaceBook friend will be special & gets a gift!
  29. Who is the one CXO you would *most* like to hear him/her speak in a Web 2.0 conference?
  30. is reading about the fantasies of dirt.
  31. is elated to discover 30-year-old-moth-eaten-original-designer-plans for his boat renovation project under the floorboards today while cleaning!
  32. a lot of meetings…
  33. is wondering about birthdays.
  34. is watching assorted people, tourists, business travellers and back packers on Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
  35. is still not done with shifting!
  36. is TRYING to reclaim her life!
  37. “the trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat”.
  38. is for K-ick A-ss I-nnovation :).
  39. perfected power-sliding his car ….. ppl try Eastern Express Highway ….. !!!!
  40. Bought paints for the new office. The Asian Paints automatic paint calibrator is such fun to watch as it creates the right shade.
  41. is still waiting for a cute pup.
  42. will be playing the drums for THE concert!
  43. is feeling Happy… hope happy doesn’t mind it!!!
  44. is preparing some kind of manifesto…
  45. pensive.
  46. is sleepy.
  47. bums feel like they’ve been spanked really badly.
  48. is planning a vacation for Thxgiving week – any suggestions?
  49. is very upset with the Indian team doctor, for getting Kumble fit to play the second test.
  50. BarCamp Chennai is taking place this weekend at IIT Madras. If you haven’t registered yet, head over here http://is.gd/41mR.
  51. is working on exciting projects ! Thanx 2 internet technology , In this uncertain financial situation , my concept of performance based ads r now giving results.
  52. is ready to go for his holiday.
  53. is going to go back in time day after.
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