Three Cups of Controversy

Controversy around authenticity of Three Cups of Tea has been gaining momentum. I read this book last year and frankly felt that it was a bit exaggerated. I have seen quite a few authors write about Asia or Africa with a lot of creative license. They succeed because people sitting in London or New York have no clue about what actually happens on ground. Pseudo intellectuals write great reviews and in no time such authors are on best-seller lists.

I don’t know whether Greg Mortenson faked the story or not but the prima facie evidence presented on various sites as well as in Three Cups of Deceit by Jon Krakauer certainly suggests that. If he is really guilty of faking the story then I can’t imagine the magnitude of trust deficit for such stories. We all are going to be skeptical next time a story like this comes up and thats the unfortunate thing for genuine stories.