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TOI disrespect for Lord Ganesh

Pushkar Sane Sunday, 23rd August, 2009 Tags: , , , , Life, Roots 5 comments

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi and I was shocked to see an ad released by The Times of India Bangalore edition. It distorted the image of Lord Ganesh with different objects including building, buses, trucks etc. I was shocked to see that and my feelings were hurt. Being a secular country does not mean that you show disrespect to Hindu Gods.

I’m sure pseudo-secularist will argue that it is ‘modern art’ and ‘freedom of expression’ but would the Times dare to do the same with Jesus or Mohammed? Then why Ganesh? I wonder how would editors/publishers of The Times of India react if we were to portray their family members in a distorted fashion. Show some garbage coming out of their mouth, their hair made of wires, their legs made up on tubes etc. I’m very sure that they won’t take it nicely.

My religious sentiments are hurt and I’m for sure thinking ways to make The Times of India responsible.

Here is the image that hurt my feelings.

Distortion of Lord Ganesh Image