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Midnights without Sun @ Nordkapp

Pushkar Sane Thursday, 16th July, 2009 Tags: , , , , , , Life, Travel 1 comment

We planned our holiday to nordics with an idea of watching the midnight Sun from Nordkapp. We were following the weather for weeks before we set out. We faced some gray weather in Oslo and Bergen but Nordkapp forecasts were still looking great. We flew via Tromso and found gorgeous sunny weather on the way. As we approached Hammerfest the weather turned gray and it turned foggy by the time we landed next to a small hut type airport terminal in Honningsvag. Needless to say our first reaction was “oh my god” but it was just noon and we planned to stay here for two full days (and nights). Drive to Rica Hotel was quite nice and we soon got to know that the weather will just get worse and it will continue over next few days…

Once I got over my early disappointment it made me think. We are used to ‘push button’ or ‘on demand’ lifestyle in global cities like Hong Kong and we seldom think about the supreme power of Mother Nature. We made our plans two months back and we wanted the weather to play as per our script. But weather had something else in mind and it decided to hide the sun from us. Once we accepted the fact that you can’t win against nature it was very easy to start enjoying fogged out and rainy Honningsvag. We talked for hours, we walked in the rain, ate like there is no tomorrow and listened to some great music… We were disappointed not to have an opportunity to see the midnight sun from the northern most point in Europe but hey how many people really get so close to the North pole. We are just 2000 km away fm the North Pole and enjoying the dark side of Nordkapp.

And we have decided that we’ll come back again to 71*10’21” N.

Bergen Experience

Pushkar Sane Monday, 13th July, 2009 Tags: , , , , , , , Life, Observations, Travel No comments

Bergen is a small city with a big tourist information center and quite a few Indian restaurants (compared to other european cities – and being Indians we found it to be very interesting). Having said that we loved our time in Bergen with some really beautiful weather (including a nice sunset) on one of the days. We saw glimpses of Amsterdam in Bergen – specifically around the harbour front. View from Mt. Floyen was great and the hikes around it were great.

What we found really interesting was the Stave Church hidden away from the city center. That’s the original form of Norwegian churches and it ressembled so much like a buddhist or chinese temple. Made us wonder whether they were just converted to christianity 1000 odd years ago.

Being a vegetarian food for me was largely Italian (and I do thank Italians for internationalizing their food) but my wife did enjoy some really good local fish.