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Expanding user base through iPad

Pushkar Sane Thursday, 12th August, 2010 Tags: , , , , Technology No comments

A lot has been written about Apple and Steve Job’s brilliance in engaging youth and adults around the world. They keep jumping on every new product and actually queue up all night. Last weekend I observed two simple reactions that made me believe that Apple has a bright future beyond the current set of users.

I returned to Hong Kong after a month long business trip to India and finally got my much awaited iPad 3G 64G. Being a very Apple household both me and my wife were excited to get a new gadget. My in-laws are currently with us and they couldn’t understand our excitement for the iPad. But once we got it even my mom-in-law (who is not interested in tech) got super excited – she loved the feel – was thrilled to read a book and see all her favorite videos. She actually insisted that my father-in-law replaces his laptop with an iPad.

Later that day we visited a close friend. He just got an iPad as a birthday gift and unfortunately lost it to his daughter almost the very next day. His 6 years old already considers it as her own and refuses to share. It is providing her education and entertainment in a very user friendly manner.

These are extreme age groups that most consumer electronics and computing companies don’t really target. In my opinion they’ll make a huge difference because people similar to my in-laws have the money and very little responsibility. And kids below 10 have a lot of pester power to force their helpless parents.

For now I’m convinced iPad has caught fancy of both these age-groups and to me that suggests bringing in new users into the Apple brand franchise.

Crashing of Vista

Pushkar Sane Sunday, 23rd November, 2008 Tags: , , , , Technology No comments

My Vista crashed while updating some patches and now my office laptop is not booting. It seems updating needed uninterrupted power supply and some lose connection or sleep mode could have triggered the problem. Now I can’t boot in safe mode or restore previous setup. That made me really irritated with microsoft and I’m worried about my data.

I put out my disappointed on social networks and several people expressed their frustrations with Vista. Looked like they were just waiting for taking their frustrations out.