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Nuclear Accountability

Pushkar Sane Tuesday, 12th April, 2011 Tags: , , , , , Thoughts No comments

Japanese authorities today raised the Fukushima Daiichi severity rating to level 7. So this is the only second time a level 7 alert has been issued. It will have widespread impact on air, water, and most the food chain. Nature’s fury was certainly responsible for the damage at Fukushima but I wonder who is accountable.

The world at large has been going ga ga over nuclear energy options. Governments, Analysts, lobbyist, energy activists, journalist and financial community has been advocating nuclear energy for years. Nothing wrong in it. Where they fail is to also highlight the risks associated with nuclear power. They also fail in ensuring that the safety standards and protocols are that of highest quality. Failing to do so should lead to highest possible punishment including capital punishment. Just like the International Court where war criminals are prosecuted there is a need for a special court where nuclear offenders are brought to justice.

We have no way to estimate the potential price that the people of Japan will pay for this disaster. I just hope and pray that innocent people don’t suffer.

Value of Human Life

Pushkar Sane Sunday, 3rd May, 2009 Tags: , , , , Life, People No comments

Yesterday we met a few of our friends over dinner and needless to say the current health crisis due to Swine Flu was discussed. As always people had contrary opinions on how the government should handle the crisis etc but comments from one particular friend shocked me. He said: “We should not make it a big deal and close down things in Hong Kong as it will curb our entertainment. At the most a few hundred poor people will die from Swine Flu and for that I should not be punished.”

I was shocked because first of all Swine Flu is not only affecting poor and secondly we have lost respect for human life. Today entertainment has become more important than saving human life. It is very easy to say it over a drink but very difficult for families of people who unfortunately get affected by such health tragedies.