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Death of Flock

Pushkar Sane Monday, 18th April, 2011 Tags: , , Technology No comments

Social browser Flock recently announced that it was shutting down. Today I got an official end of support notice. It also recommended Flock users to upgrade to Chrome or Firefox. Zynga acquired it in Jan 2011 and then killed it as they’re using the Flock team for further development of Zynga. Makes me wonder whether this is just a beginning of a trend where larger entities would just acquire smart digital ventures and repurpose their resources to achieve scale.

I enjoyed my time on Flock. All I can say is RIP Flock.

Blogging made easy on Flock

Pushkar Sane Friday, 3rd October, 2008 Tags: , , , , , Observations, Technology No comments

I was chatting with Ravi on his blog BrightSecrets and he said he hasn’t posted anything for a while because his Flock is giving him problems. Given the fact that Ravi is very tech savvy it is very easy for him to log into WordPress & publish. But he has now become very dependent on Flock. Made me wonder how quickly we develop dependencies in the digital world. I’m sure Ravi’s Flock usage is not more than 9 months but he has truely developed dependency on it as far as his blogging is concerned. Here’s wishing that his Flock gets better over next couple of days.

Flock has really made blogging Easy…

Blogged with the Flock Browser