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Death of Email

Pushkar Sane Saturday, 1st November, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , , , , Technology No comments

Google added sms feature to GMAIL and pulled back because of bugs. Looks like they will bring it back in a couple of weeks after fixing the bugs. I think sms through gmail will be very interesting – specifically if it works well on gmail mobile version – imagine a world where SMS will be free (and too without going through any complicated process).

Gmail already incorporates email, IM, documents, calendar and now sms. Should we still call it an email platform? I think Gmail has turned into Universal Messaging Platform and going forward new ways of messaging & communication will be integrated. So I guess the time has come where we can formally announce the death of email as we knew it…..

Instrusive Ads in Mailbox

Pushkar Sane Sunday, 7th September, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , Marketing, Observations No comments

Recently I received a couple of emails with recent ad campaign of a particular brand. I couldn’t see the first one properly as there was a problem in the HTML. So the brand decided to send me another one next day. This time I could see the Ad but it was meant for General Population. I’m on the loyalty program of this brand – so they know a lot of things about me – but the email was not customized.

It made me wonder. I think the advertisers think that we’re desparate to watch their advertising and since they can’t get my attention in media… they’re pushing the ads into my mailbox. And guess what – I have told them not to send any emails to me except when I initiate a discussion. But do we care about preferences of people or is it only about our brands & getting advertising in front of people even if it is instrusive.

It is almost like you’ve told an acquantaince not to visit your HOUSE but he/she drops in (not once but twice) and insists on telling about his/her own story that you’re not interested in. What would you do? Think about it.