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Definition of Sad

Pushkar Sane Sunday, 15th April, 2012 Tags: , , Life, People No comments

My nephew Neel is five and a half years. He is quite keen on drawing and painting. He recently sketched a face and called it ‘Sad’. My father who was observing his drawing quizzed him to find out what he meant. Neel was quick to answer:

“See it is like this: if I want two chocolates but you give me only one then how will I feel? That is SAD.”

Needless to say that my father was stumped. And I loved the simplicity of Neel’s thinking 🙂

Sketching User Experience

Pushkar Sane Friday, 17th June, 2011 Tags: , , , , , Observations No comments

Came across a very simple and meaningful presentation by Karl Dotter (@karldotter & on sketching user experience. Most people just get too bogged down by creating idea on computer screens rather than using a very simple scribble & draw method.