Rainy Sunday & Slow Dance

Typhoon Higos weakened over last 24 hours and HK observatory removed the signal. It looked like a calm & clear Sunday morning but the rain came down heavily by the time we finished playing Badminton @ 10am. Got drenched as we ran from our Car Park to Apartment block – it felt good. We decided to have an early brunch & spent early hours of afternoon watching a movie.

The skies cleared through the afternoon and I thought may be we could go out to a country park or a beach. I was sitting on the bay window (appreciating the beauty of Victoria Harbour & Hong Kong Skyline) & I saw this massive cloud moving down. In a matter of minutes Hong Kong skyline & the harbour disappeared. I could see the rain gushing towards me. I decided to enjoy the rain & opened my 20th floor apartment window. Rain hit in a couple of seconds and raindrops splashed my face.  We sat on the window (listening to music) for more than 45 minutes just observing different clouds bursting over the harbour & Hong Kong skyline playing hide & seek.

Sometimes I wonder whether Hong Kong people ever enjoy small moments as everyone is so busy running – day after day – week after week – month after month – year after year. This city is beautiful & is best enjoyed when you slow down for a moment – at least over the weekend – and look around. It reminded me of a beautiful poem – Slow Dance. I’m happy that today we did listen to the rain slapping on the ground… Enjoy the poem.

Here is the original Poem

A couple of videos on the same poem

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