Oslo Observations

Yesterday we started our vacation in Nordics and landed in Oslo after a long journey via London. I was pleasantly surprised to see a very friendly immigration officer at the point of entry. She was visible thrilled when she found out that we were travelling from Hong Kong as she was making a journey to HK the very next day.

Oslo was gray and drizzling. Our hotel was centrally located and we managed to get our after relaxing for a couple of hours. Oslo’s old town is very small and in no time we walked the entire area. People are friendly and relaxed (compared to their western european neighbours).

We observed a couple of amusing things:

1. Like many other European cities Oslo also has beggers dressed up in historic costumes and standing in the middle of high streets. For the first time we spotted two begger dressed up as Micky Mouse. I wonder whether they’re building brand equity for disney or destroying it ­čśë

2. Most retail stores were running ‘SALG’ – a term for Sale or Reduced Prices. Some of them actually stripped off the shop window mannequins to communicate reduced prices…

Sun god finally decided to smile on us and we managed to take some bright pictures of Oslo. Hopefully the weather will continue to be bright during next two week.