OS Wars

Microsoft is officially talking about the next version of Windows code named Windows 8. A video was released on YouTube explaining key features & UI improvements. Home screen with a series of tiles makes User Interface and Navigation looks significantly better than the previous versions. It also seems to be moving seamlessly between different apps and third-party content from the web. On the whole looks interesting but only time will tell whether it will deliver across different machines and not just in the demo room.

With Apple’s OS X Lion just round the corner it will be interesting to see what Apple will be cooking after Lion.

With Google also jumping in with Chromebook the OS war is likely to heat up. On the whole ideas of chromebook makes sense but I think it is a bit overhyped. It assumes wi-fi connectivity all the time which certainly is a challenge in many places. Secondly it assumes that cloud stored files will work as seamlessly as the ones on your HDD. In my opinion cloud also runs a risk of burst or slowing down or not being in control/possession of your own data. So we’ll have to wait and watch the actual performance. Given is a Google video explaining Chromebook. On the whole I liked it but found it to be pompous at the end by saying ‘I wonder whether the people are ready for this – its kind of a new thought’. In my opinion people are always ready to try out new things. The question really is whether Google is ready to ship it to people who are ready to try. Chromebook will be available only in US, UK and select European countries. To me it shows Google is not really ready to go mass with this product. Then why make pompous claims.