Knowledge haters

Over the last couple of months I have come across several self-claimed experts on marketing, digital, social, mobile etc. They all claim hands-on experience and keep boasting about the fact that ‘we don’t give gyan (Sanskrit word for Knowledge). In fact I recently received an email from a digital training outfit – digital vidya – claiming the same. I was quite shocked to see that because people who are focused on providing education are proudly boasting that they don’t give any knowledge. I feel even more sorry for the people who go and attend such workshop or work with such agencies/experts who’re ‘Gyan’ (Knowledge) haters.

Gyan is usually acquired through series of experiments and hours of thinking. It is not something that people create randomly and start sprinkling around. It is not something that is acquired through quick fix workshops. It is not something that one can acquire by blindly copying others.

I have decided to stand up against all the knowledge haters. So I proudly say ‘I give gyan’ and ‘I also receive gyan from others’.