Indian Ad Industry Captains & Social Media

Indian Advertising industry is still deep rooted in TV + Print thinking. Most of the industry captains who are supposed to shape up the industry have never really demonstrated any thought leadership in the area of Digital. They’ve somewhat failed to understand impact of Digital on People and as a result its importance in Marketing. Now that there is a global buzz about social media, social networking, web 2.0 etc., these captains are almost forced to talk about it in conferences/seminars/articles etc. I have seen some sweeping statements and some of them actually humour me. Mainly because most of these industry captains are trying to learn swimming by listening to someone else’s experience or by reading a book. Some of them are bit more advanced – so they’re rushing in to register for all the social networks – facebook, linkedin, orkut etc. – but all they do is to register and observe rather than really experiencing the power of Social Networks. Its almost like trying to learn swimming in a bathtub.

Some of them do have excuses – ‘I don’t have time to waste on Social Networking Sites’. NOT ACCEPTABLE Mr./Ms. Advertising – because if you’re truly into creating advertising that is focused on People… then you wouldn’t look at social media as a waste of time.