Get Well Soon Mr. Jobs

The Asian markets woke up to the news that the Apple CEO Steve Jobs was going on a medical leave of absence. The speculations and rumours started flying quickly. By afternoon updates from my social networks were flooded with the news and some smart jokes like Jobs is going on iLeave and he should have an apple a day started to emerge. Analyst were busy commenting on Apple’s future and potential risks for the investors.

Basically there were questions raised about the future of Apple. Rightfully so. But what I found most disturbing was the fact that I rarely saw a ‘Get Well Soon’ message. We all have enjoyed great products and innovations from Steve Jobs. Investors have enjoyed $70 to $350 ride in 5-6 years. Trade partners have enjoyed profits. And even then we don’t have a heart to say ‘Get Well Soon’. Not that he expected it but I think we owe it to the man who¬†revolutionized computing, telephony, and entertainment.

I hope he fights his health issues and emerges stronger. Here’s a video of his commencement address at the Stanford University in 2005. Every time I see this video it reminds me to fight against all odds and tides.


So Get Well Soon Mr. Jobs. Wish you a speedy recovery.

  1. I wonder whether Mr. Jobs might change his attitude to philanthropy and use a little of his vast fortune for the benefit of others while he still has time. This is something where Bill Gates has led the way and led many of the USofA’s richest men on an enormous journey of real benefit to humanity. Mr. Jobs is looking increasingly like a sad egoist on journey which money will not ease, but will become increasingly a symbol of what he hasn’t done.

    1. Your point is valid but it is a completely separate discussion. Philanthropy is a personal choice. Also Philanthropy does not necessarily mean ‘public display’ of it.

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