Cute Copenhagen

We spend a couple of days in Copenhagen and loved the place & people. Like many other European cities Copenhagen has cobbled streets, palaces, gardens and churches. We experienced (and enjoyed) both sunny and rainy spells.

Trip to Frederiksborg Castle was well worth it and but the museum was quite disappointing. In my opinion most of the european history is stored in either the Louvre or the British Museum. And unless you’re a student or admirer of Christian Art (largely paintings) these museums offer very little.

Experience in Tivoli was very refreshing. We saw two shows and they reminded me the power of non-verbal communication. Emotions displayed through acting, dancing and facial expressions rather than dialogues. It certainly helps in getting over the language barrier and people fm different ethnicities could enjoy the humour and feel the emotions. Apart from that rest of Tivoli is just rides and restaurants but I’m sure it must have been mind blowing in its early years.

Little Mermaid is quite overhyped in the tourist books – it is actually little – the part around it is quite nice for a picnic meal and relaxing (precisely what we did)…

A couple of interesting things that we observed.

1. Quite a few places we found Danish youngsters dancing to international music including a Hindi song “jimmy jimmy jimmy aaja aaja aaja” – I didn’t know it was made popular by a Tajik guys until Vikas Mehra posted a link for me.

2. Picnic meals and outdoor drinking (buying beer in supermarkets) are quite common

3. Friday noon time looked like weekend. Many local people were just relaxing in parks and walking on the street as if it was a holiday. And coming from Hong Kong that certainly appealed to us ­čśë

On the whole it is a great city to spend a few days, walk around, eat, drink and relax.