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Everybody is Digital = Nobody is Serious

Pushkar Sane Thursday, 25th September, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , Marketing, Observations No comments

Digital has been the buzz word of Marketing & Advertising industry for last 24 months. Every tom, dick & harry has an opinion on digital irrespective of whether they really understand what digital is and what it takes to deliver digital. The so called non-digital people in the industry are worried that they’re losing control and as a result feeling a bit insecure. These days I keep hearing from all my peers & friends in the industry – we’re moving very fast towards converting all our people to digital. People think it is like taking a Pill and curing the digital bug. But its not that simple – trust me on this – I have been there – done that and seen the pains of building digital expertise and making a business out of that.

Digital is much bigger than just a media vehicle or a creative execution. And we should not expect all the people to get it. There are smart people who already get it – there will be some who will get it slowly and there will be some who will never get it. And I guess today the industry is too much focused on making the third lot feel better. Its a cool thing to say: “digital is not rocket science”. Absolutely right – nothing in our business is rocket science – but it is Art + Science. It is about passion & your personal involvement in Digital.

Question is not whether everybody is digital but how good are they in digital? It is almost like saying: Heart Surgery is not rocket science and hence a General Practitioner would perform the surgery. I’m sure the General Practitioner has gone through the basics of surgery & knows where the heart is. Given a choice – would you prefer to operate through a GP or go to a Heart Surgeon? Think about it.

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