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India = IT

Pushkar Sane Wednesday, 17th September, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , Life, Thoughts No comments

I landed in Beijing a few hours ago after a delayed flight. I skipped the on-board meal as I was planning to have dinner in Beijing. Felt lazy to go out so decided to get a quick bite at the JW Marriott’s Asian Bistro. As we settled into the restaurant & the waiter asked: “Where are you from? India or Pakistan?”. I said I’m from India. And in no time he fired the next statement: “You must be in IT. Very good IT from India”. He was so convinced that Indians = IT that I didn’t dare to explain that I work in Advertising & Media. I quickly nodded & said I’m in IT… and ordered my food. I guess a time might come when we (Indians) will have to say: My Primary Profession is IT and in free time I also do Advertising or Accounting or Surgery or Engineering… 😉


Pushkar Sane Friday, 22nd August, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , Life, Observations, Roots, Technology, Thoughts, Travel No comments

This is my new blogging avatar. I had a few avatars before and the last one was quite good. But it died a slow death because of my crazy travel over last 18 months and inertia to connect over the weekends. I then installed a blog uploader app on my desktop & I kept jotting my thoughts. It didn’t work that well.

So finally beginning of this month I killed my inertia – spoke to Parag – who has always helped in setting things – and started configuring the blogging platform.

I was planning to launch it over the weekend but today we got an unexpected holiday because of a severe typhoon headed Hong Kong’s way. Incidentally it happens to be my birthday as well and hence it made perfect sense to launch.

Here’s to my new Avatar – Rays, Reflections & Refraction.

Thank You Parag!!!