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Twittering with Obama & McCain

Pushkar Sane Thursday, 2nd October, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , , , , Observations No comments

Today I started following Obama & McCain on Twitter. And guess what? Obama also started following me in no time… I can now say that I’m being followed by a presidential candidate 🙂 I was quite curious to see how the campaign managers are managing Twitter updates & feeds. And in my opinion Obama is a clear Winner on Twitter. Here’s the statistics:

Obama on Twitter

Followers: 90,060     Following: 93597      Updates: 213      Time on Twitter: 17 months

McCain on Twitter

Followers: 2069     Following: 1473      Updates: 407      Time on Twitter: 8 months

Obama is clearing winning in terms of numbers. Also his campaign managers are listening to more people rather than just followed by them. McCain seems to have done more updates but they look artificial. Here are the examples of their updates:

McCain: McCain video at American Pie in Orlando…    12:23 PM January 29, 2008  from web

Obama: Thinking we’re only one signature away from ending the war in Iraq. Learn more at    03:04 AM April 30, 2007  from web

Lets see how they carry forward their campaigns but for now Obama is winning.

As I write this I got a Request to Follow from WWYSTTP (… I have nothing to do with the US elections but I’m liking the attention… 😉

Facebook Status & Speed of Responses

Pushkar Sane Friday, 12th September, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Life, Observations, Technology No comments

As I interact with people, clients, colleagues, technologies, concepts etc… I end up developing thoughts – I end up developing ideas – I get inspired by other people – I sometimes also get desperate… and I reflect that on my status on Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin/IMs etc. Facebook status updates have always fascinated me and I learn a lot from them. They help me in knowing moods, morale, problems, excitement, opportunities, failures, success stories and even random thoughts. People intentionally or unintentionally send out a message to their network and the beauty is that network notices – and even reacts in some cases. 

I’m amazed to see how quickly people react. I came out of a discussion on Research & Consumer Insights and I updated my status “to steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research or insight….” – In no time (literally few mins) I had two responses – one from Indonesia and one from California – funny one from Ravi Bhaya (taking a pun on our friend Ranga – head of insights & analytics at Starcom MediaVest Group) and serious one questioning my thought (from my senior from b-school and good friend Purnima – all time Dumb C champion).

Thank you Network for your attention to my Random (often stupid) thoughts.

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