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Instrusive Ads in Mailbox

Pushkar Sane Sunday, 7th September, 2008 Tags: , , , , , , Marketing, Observations No comments

Recently I received a couple of emails with recent ad campaign of a particular brand. I couldn’t see the first one properly as there was a problem in the HTML. So the brand decided to send me another one next day. This time I could see the Ad but it was meant for General Population. I’m on the loyalty program of this brand – so they know a lot of things about me – but the email was not customized.

It made me wonder. I think the advertisers think that we’re desparate to watch their advertising and since they can’t get my attention in media… they’re pushing the ads into my mailbox. And guess what – I have told them not to send any emails to me except when I initiate a discussion. But do we care about preferences of people or is it only about our brands & getting advertising in front of people even if it is instrusive.

It is almost like you’ve told an acquantaince not to visit your HOUSE but he/she drops in (not once but twice) and insists on telling about his/her own story that you’re not interested in. What would you do? Think about it.

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