My name is Pushkar Sane. Pushkar comes from Sanskrit (oldest & richest language in the World) and it has multiple meanings – Lotus, Cloud & also name of Lord Brahma’s son. There is a holy place in India called Pushkar with a beautiful lake and an interesting camel fair that happens every year.

Born in Pune & brought up in Vadodara (also known as Baroda) I had the benefit of living in two culturally rich cities in India. I did my schooling in Vadodara & spent most of my summer vacations in Pune. I spent my childhood and teen days exploring wild activities like rifle-shooting, horse riding, trekking and sports. For many years I genuinely believed that the only worthwhile career on this earth was to become a Fighter Pilot with the Indian Air Force. I was always very inspired by the flying stories but destiny had something else in mind. On a rainy day in August my dream career was washed off from the canvas of life. I got spects. Flying was out (with a bitter taste in the mouth). Physics was my next destination. During my 3 years of undergraduate studies in physics I spent more time reading computer science than physics and always believed that behind every biologist there is a chemist, and behind every chemist there is a physicist who makes it happen. My romance with the Internet started during this time (even before WWW was invented) and I was fascinated by the global nature of the Internet. Just after graduating with an honours degree in Physics from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, I felt the need to formalize my knowledge of computers. Zoomed through a Post Graduate Dimploma in Computers from the Faculty of Technology & Engineering at the MSU, where my final project won the ‘Best Project’ title and was commercially implemented. Thirteen months of writing c/c++ code and I was bored in life. Felt a need for management education.

Two years at NMIMS Bombay was a tough yet enriching experience. It changed my perspective in life and made me far more competitive & networked. After thoroughly enjoying my two years at NMIMS, a Best Student Medal was like an icing on the cake. In the mad race of campus recruitment I managed to get good offers and finally decided on FCB-Ulka over the other two offers because the other two thought I was suited for a Media job. Living & working in Mumbai was tough yet fun. My 4 years at FCB-Ulka in Mumbai were special – I learnt a lot, made tons of friends, and met my soulmate Bashuli. We worked together and had our share of agreements & disagreements – views & counterviews. We still continue with the same practice. And I guess that’s what makes it special.

I love travelling & we have travelled extensively over last 10 years – both on leisure & business. Travel helps me understand people, learn new things, spot differences & celebrate similarities. I like Music – all kinds of Music – Indian & Western – Classical & Pop. I read, read and read. I love food (and trying to lose some weight). I love meeting new people but cherish my real friends. I prefer sports over gym – love playing racquet sports – Squash, Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis. Once in a while try my hand at Golf.

I’m currently busy shaping alternative futures at Convergination Ventures. Previously I was the Chief Digital Officer (North & South Asia) & Global Head of Social Marketing Practices at Starcom MediaVest Group. I also worked for FCB (now DraftFCB) in India and Hong Kong, Euro RSCG Worldwide in Hong Kong, and Mandar in India.

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