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Trust Deficit in Indian Creative Awards

Pushkar Sane Tuesday, 12th April, 2011 Tags: , , , , , Marketing, Thoughts No comments

Today I came across an interview of Prasoon Joshi by Exchange4Media where Prasoon expressed his concern and unhappiness about the stringent judging process at this years Abby. He compared the process with some international award shows like Dubai Lynx and the Cannes. He talked about the lack of trust and flexibility given to the jury members at this years Abby. Prima facie these arguments and views sound great but one needs to look at the history of Abby and the controversies around it. I have been away from India for last 9 years but I still remember the award functions that I attended as a young account executive. There was lot of good work but along with that there were quite a few entries that were scam. Most of them appeared in one obscure local newspaper/billboard in a tier 3 town. But inspite of that metals were awarded to such scams.

I think the advertising industry in general is getting carried away by the creative awards. I’m not against awards as it motivates people to do great work but it should not motivate people to work that is actually not meant for clients and audiences. It is our professional responsibility to create winning advertising and not just ‘award winning advertising’.

With all the due respect to Prasoon (and I do like his work) he should introspect rather than blame the stringent procedure. I guess the organizers put the watchdog in place because in the past jury members didn’t act appropriately and that led to controversies. I personally think the industry should be thanking the advertisers for keeping the awards clean and avoiding controversies.

Nuclear Accountability

Pushkar Sane Tuesday, 12th April, 2011 Tags: , , , , , Thoughts No comments

Japanese authorities today raised the Fukushima Daiichi severity rating to level 7. So this is the only second time a level 7 alert has been issued. It will have widespread impact on air, water, and most the food chain. Nature’s fury was certainly responsible for the damage at Fukushima but I wonder who is accountable.

The world at large has been going ga ga over nuclear energy options. Governments, Analysts, lobbyist, energy activists, journalist and financial community has been advocating nuclear energy for years. Nothing wrong in it. Where they fail is to also highlight the risks associated with nuclear power. They also fail in ensuring that the safety standards and protocols are that of highest quality. Failing to do so should lead to highest possible punishment including capital punishment. Just like the International Court where war criminals are prosecuted there is a need for a special court where nuclear offenders are brought to justice.

We have no way to estimate the potential price that the people of Japan will pay for this disaster. I just hope and pray that innocent people don’t suffer.